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Benchmarking techniques  were developed in the United States in the second half of the seventies. They were introduced by Xerox via the publication of “The Search for Industry Best Practices that Lead to Superior Performance” by Robert Camp, the company’s Director of Logistics.

Hewlett Packard analysts define benchmarking as “a tool that allows companies to compare their own processes with those of “Best-in-Class” organisations in order to drive performance improvements”. Benchmarking techniques involve more than just simple analysis of the competition and have proven indispensable not only in an industrial context.

It is therefore vital to include significant reasoning and analysis of the field of operations in the development of a web project: a detailed study of the area of application and relevant market, the projects developed by the competition and the needs of future users represents the starting point of portal planning.

As a result, the fruits of research carried out with in-depth knowledge of the Internet and online communication methods will make it possible to identify the best web-marketing strategies to create a successful project.


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